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Building Owners Now Have Read-Only Access to SchedulingManager Calendars

October 24, 2019 David Spence Jump to Comments

Building Owner customers of Service Members with SchedulingManager, or the full ManagerSeries suite which includes SchedilingManager, can now view service appointments scheduled for their buildings in the BuildingReports portal. This latest update also impacts the BRMobile application for mobile devices. The list of specific changes and impacts are as follows:

SchedulingManager (ManagerSeries) Changes

  • For Members using our SchedulingManager feature, their building owners now get access to a "read-only" version of the full calendar to view all of the events scheduled for their buildings.
  • This includes all Inspection Events, Service Events, and Generic Events tied to their building or buildings in a given portal.
  • This also includes all events for all Building Owner accounts associated with the Building Owner's email address, whether they have accounts in one or multiple portals. Read the recent blog post to learn more about consolidating multiple Building Owner accounts under a single login.

BRMobile Site Changes

  • Building Owners can also access their scheduled calendar information via the BRMobile site's calendar (the mobile site at, or via ScanSeries > BRMobile > Calendar.
  • In addition to already being able to create Service Tickets from the BRMobile site, Inspectors can now create Generic Events, assign them to buildings, set the start/end time of the event, and assign themselves to the event as needed.
  • On all event types (just as they have been able to do via the full calendar on the browser site), Inspectors can now adjust the Start/End Date Times of existing events.
  • Technicians assigned to an event now have visibility to other technicians assigned to the same event in BRMobile, replicating the functionality that has always existed in the portal version of the calendar.

For questions or more information, contact Member Services at (770) 495-1993 Ext. 2 or by email at

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