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For over a decade BuildingReports has been pleased to sponsor Inspector's Boot Camp, a leading training resource for the Fire and Life Safety industry. Inspector's Boot Camp is now part of the new BuildingReports University.

BuildingReports University is committed to providing the best classroom and hands-on lab training, webinars, educational resources and BuildingReports solutions training available. With a half century of combined training experience, and decades of experience inspecting and managing field service teams in the industry, our team of subject matter experts are uniquely equipped to help your team stand head-and-shoulders above the competition.

For more information on upcoming events, including Inspector's Boot Camp classes and educational webinars for the general public, check out the Events page.

Boot Camps

Inspector's Boot Camp was created to provide professional training and certification in the testing and inspection of fire alarm and life safety systems, fire extinguishers, fire suppression systems, sprinkler systems, security and safety equipment and any other product or system designed for the safety and well-being of people in commercial buildings.

View the current schedule, early booking discounts and more by clicking here.

Research & Publications

BuildingReports is committed to leveraging our resources for the betterment of the Fire & Life Safety Industry. Leveraging the world's largest database of device-level compliance reporting, BuildingReports publishes the industry's first and only Fire & Life Safety Inspection Benchmark Report. And through our team of experienced industry experts, memberships, partnerships and committee participation,BuildingReports University will be developing and publishing valuable new educational materials to help every stakeholder better serve the public and reduce liability.


Exclusive to Service Members, BuildingReports provides network-wide complimentary training webinars for the benefit of our users. Subjects range from tips for creating efficiencies, deeper knowledge of specific services, to instructions on marketing and selling BuildingReports services. Contact BuildingReports University to be added to the email list and stay apprised of upcoming sessions.

Self Learning

Through a library of easy-to-follow User Guides, users have access to images and step-by-step instructions that is available online 24/7.

Online Training

Users receive personal instruction on any BuildingReports service from one of our trainers via web-conference.

On-Location Refresher

Organizations with long-ago trained users or new inspection staff often benefit from a shortened version of our deployment training to bring them up-to-date with current inspection technologies, hardware and best-practices all within the convenience of their own offices.

On-Location Deployment

To guarantee a successful technology deployment, all organizations joining the BuildingReports network to use inspection services receive on-location training.

For more information on training options and pricing, please contact the BuildingReports University team.

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