ScanSeries® Mobile Inspection Suite for iOS and Android

Eliminate manual, paper, and spreadsheet inspection reporting with BuildingReports’ easy to use scan and reporting tools.

BuildingReports’ ScanSeries is the leading solution for organizations seeking to modernize their reporting process and deliver powerful insights and asset intelligence. Along with an online database of safety equipment and national and local safety regulations, BuildingReports makes safety compliance reporting more efficient and accurate.

BuildingReports stores all reporting data in our own safe and secure environment; not a third-party data center. And, BuildingReports Service Members own the data they collect. If there is ever a need to make a change, the data they have collected is made available to them for any future needs.

“I’m able to do preventative maintenance on fire systems now because of BuildingReports. I am now on a battery replacement cycle every four years, and now I can see what’s coming up a year ahead.”

David Resmondo
Low Voltage Supervisor
Atlanta Public Schools

ScanSeries® Mobile Inspection Suite for iOS and Android

ScanSeries is the flagship suite of industry leading applications for device-specific inspection and reporting of fire and life safety and security systems. BuildingReports’ ScanSeries ensures accurate and comprehensive inspections that are fully documented and in compliance with regulatory standards. ScanSeries is available for licensing by the application, multiple applications, or the entire suite for service companies, facilities, and Authorities Having Jurisdiction. Contact us for an online demonstration, pricing or more information.

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Fire Alarm & Signaling

Ideal for the inspection, testing and maintenance reporting of fire alarm and signaling systems to help ensure compliance with NFPA and other major codes and standards, including those regulating vertical industry facility types such as healthcare and industrial occupancy types.

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Mechanical Preventative Maintenance & Reporting

HVACScan enables heating, ventilation, air conditioning and refrigeration technicians to provide detailed service logs and documentation for both electrical and mechanical components. Facility and service professionals can access warranty and recall information, parent-child/system-device relationships, and interactive floor plans at a glance.

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Fire Alarm & Signaling

From fire extinguishers to personal protective gear, SafetyScan helps protect occupants from a multitude of hazards while providing objective evidence of compliance for code and safety officials. Keep track of inventory, gain visibility to devices rotating in and out of service, and track the location of mobile assets across operations.

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Low Voltage Security Systems

The SecurityScan application allows technicians to collect accurate and detailed service and inspection data for security systems, access control, burglar alarm, CCTV, and nurse call stations. Track and report on the device types, maintenance history, and asset inventory for the critical systems responsible for safeguarding people and property.

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Fire Sprinklers & Backflow

Water-based fire sprinklers are one of the most effective forms of fire protection, but also one of the most challenging to maintain due to the risk of corrosion and leaks. BuildingReports’ SprinklerScan helps ensure compliance requirements are met regardless of local reporting requirements, while ensuring the variety of testing and maintenance schedules are on track.

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Fire Suppression Systems & Kitchen Hoods

SuppressionScan helps ensure foam, gas and agent-based systems are in working order and up to code. From small commercial kitchen hood systems to jet plane hangar and industrial plant foam systems, SuppressionScan provides verifiable reporting for each and every component to ensure vertical industry compliance.

“The AHJs and OSHA officials were amazed at the level of detailed information in our inspection reports. They were very pleased – and that’s a major benefit for us.”

Dana Rogers
Coordinator, Technical Operations
Sky Harbor International Airport

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