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Roundup of Recent ScanSeries for iOS & Web Portal Updates

October 15, 2019 David Spence Jump to Comments

BuildingReports has released a few other updates in addition to two aforementioned feature launches. ScanSeries for iOS (v2.27.68) included several improvements and enhancements, and you may have already noticed some changes to the web portal user interface as well. The next update for ScanSeries for Android will be announced later this year.

ScanSeries for iOS v2.27.68

The latest update includes several improvements, but most notable for many users may be the addition of the ScanHistory feature. This update includes:

  • New ScanHistory feature that allows on-demand access to a device's full inspection history
  • Improved support for Bluetooth pairing with the SocketScan S800 and S840 scanners
  • Barcode standard enforcement to reject invalid formats
  • Improvements to the user interface for iPad
  • Improvements to QR code scanning
  • Transfer/Merge process now includes automatic backup
  • Image handling enhancements for inspection result uploads with a large volume of photos
  • Numerous other improvements, enhancements and bug fixes

Web Portal Updates


  • LiveArchive applications - when selected - now show not just the latest report, but the two most recent reports.
  • ComplianceCenter AHJ's can now assign LiveArchive labels, but they are limited to their local buildings and can only view ScanSeries reports that have been submitted to their AHJ portal.

Password Policy Customization

  • Service Organizations can now choose to increase their password policy to a custom level of strength more stringent than the default requirements.
  • The new Password Policy UI can be accessed by Manager and Manager/Inspector users via the Setup page and clicking the box for "Use a custom password policy."
  • Slider scales and options are available to increase how aggressive the password policy will be based on the organization's own requirements.

System Types for Buildings

  • The option to assign what System Types exist in a building has been added to all Building Add and Building Edit screens (with the current exceptions of the old Buildings UI, and BRMobile).
  • This means that all Service Company, Facility, National Accounts, Complimentary ComplianceCenter Users (CCCU Non-Members) and AHJ organizations can now open or add a building, click on the "System Types" tab, and select what applicable System Types (one or more) are present in the building. System Types are broken down by designated by ScanSeries application (Ex: SprinklerScan), System Type (Ex: Fire Alarm System), and Interval (Ex: Annual). See example pictured below.
  • For CCCU orgs that submit an ADD or EDIT request to their AHJ for a building after adding System Types, they can submit the Add/Edit request and the AHJ's new building will also be assigned these System Types once accepted by the AHJ.

Systems Used Example

Setup Page > "FireScan" Tab Renamed "Sensitivity Data"

  • The tab previously called "FireScan" has been renamed "Sensitivity Data" to better reflect its purpose given both FireScan and SuppressionScan reports provide the sensitivity info here.
  • Inside of the Sensitivity Data interface, the wording describing the page now include both FireScan AND SuppressionScan.

Portal Selector

  • The portal selector now allows users to sort the available list of orgs alphabetically by City, but the "home" portal will always remain at the top of the list. This specific change will be especially helpful to users who manage multiple portals across various cities.
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