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ScanSeries® for Android App Update v1.1.344

January 30, 2019 David Spence Jump to Comments

A major app update containing a large number of changes, including: new features, fixes, and improvements to security is now available for download. All ScanSeries users on Android are strongly encouraged to install or update to this version (1.1.344) as soon as possible.

BuildingReports always recommends only performing an update of ScanSeries once all live/ongoing inspections on your Android device have been uploaded to the report server. Additionally, we strongly recommend that users also perform a backup while connected on WiFi prior to updating the app.

List of specific changes include:

  • Added Floor Plan functionality to all apps (usage requires subscription to BuildingReports’ DocDrive)
  • Added Maintenance Schedule to SafetyScan - helps technicians identify what devices have services due
  • Added Service Ticket creation to SafetyScan - allows techs to create and immediately schedule Service
  • Tickets for follow-up service work when uploading their inspection(s) with deficiencies; usage requires subscription to BuildingReports’ ServiceManager)
  • Added HVACScan® - allows for inspection and reporting of applicable HVACR devices (not intended for Fire and Life Safety inspections)
  • Added red highlight to date fields in SafetyScan to reflect if a device is due for a specific Service
  • Added camera scan option to all Model # and Serial # fields across all apps
  • Added "Critical Deficiency" checkbox for Failed/Other devices in SprinklerScan
  • Added initial implementation to allow scanning of QR barcodes into SafetyScan using: Camera scan, Zebra TC56, or Socket Mobile S840 scanners (QR scanning is not compatible with Socket Mobile S800 model)
  • Added blue tint to the Device List to help users identify the last device with which they interacted
  • Added options when setting a device’s (Passed) Service to allow applying the selected Service value to “All Tested Devices" or to “All of the Same Device Type” (to match ScanSeries iOS functionality)
  • Added Camera Scan and Remote Scan options to the Device List and Device Details screens for easy access (excludes XM5)
  • Fixed issue where blank Inspection Comments could cause inspection upload to fail
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling on Device Details would cause some fields to overlay
  • Fixed a number of issues involving merging between Android and iOS devices in the field
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