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Important Update: Changes to Supported iOS Devices

September 27, 2018 David Spence Jump to Comments

As of today, ScanSeries is no longer supported on iPhone, iPod and iPad running iOS versions older than 8.0. This specifically applies to the iPhone 4 and iPod Touch 4, which are unable to update to iOS version 8.0 or newer. While the 4th generation devices were released in 2010, the iPhone 4S - which was released in 2012 - can be updated up to iOS version 9.3.5 and will continue to be supported. There is no change for the iPhone 5C which has never been supported, and the Infinite Peripherals' Linea Pro sleds are not impacted unless used with an iPhone 4 or iPod Touch 4.

As stated on the ScanSeries listing in the Apple App Store, only iOS devices with the ability to upgrade to or above iOS 8.0, such as iPhone 4S (or newer), iPod 5th Gen (or newer), and iPad Mini 2 (or newer) will be supported moving forward. If you are experiencing issues on one of these devices and have updated your iOS to the most recent version available, please contact Member Services for assistance.

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