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iOS ScanSeries Version 2.16.12 Released; SecurityScan Updates for Android & iOS

October 12, 2017 David Spence Jump to Comments

If you are an iOS user, you're likely aware of the challenges presented by the latest operating system updates from Apple related to version 11 intended to support their new iPhone 8 and X devices. As issues are identified in ScanSeries for iOS, our team is working hard to keep pace with new ScanSeries releases to address the problems presented in each new operating system update. In addition, SecurityScan users will notice new schema updates requested by members for financial institution facilities.

The iOS ScanSeries version 2.16.12 contains stabilization fixes to better handle iOS 11 and its many updates, as well as issues encountered when transmitting/receiving data with the BuildingReports backup server. Other important updates to resolve user-reported issues include:
  • Improved technical support for iOS 11
  • Resolved iOS 11 backup issue
  • Resolved iOS 11 Transfer/Merge issue
  • Resolved iOS 11 System Type field user interface issue specific to SprinklerScan and SuppressionScan
  • Resolved iOS 11 Delay/Remote Scan crashing issue
  • Resolved iOS 11 auto search on login
  • Fixed the issue with 'missing' ScanSeries apps on the homepage when ScanSeries was launched
  • Adjusted SafetyScan Maintenance Schedule to better handle additional cases
  • Adjusted digital signature handling to reduce failed uploads

Our development team is continuing to work to resolve the issue with Inspection Note not scrolling in iOS 11 when reaching the bottom of the page.

SecurityScan users will also notice some additions for "Financial" Locations within the app. This was an in-app update that does not require a new version to be installed from the Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

These Financial-centric location options complement the previously added Financial Device types. The new location options include the following:

  • Cash Room
  • Drive Up Area
  • Drive Up Station
  • Hold Up Button
  • Lobby
  • Night Drop
  • Personal Banker
  • Safe Deposit
  • Safe Room
  • Teller Area
  • Teller Station
  • Teller Work Room
  • Vault
  • Vestibule
  • Walk Up
  • Waiting Area
Users wishing to get these options available in ScanSeries on iOS/Android simply need to download a building to SecurityScan to get a prompt for update. Once the update is complete, the Device Details Location and Description drop-downs will contain these new options or by using the Quick Entry method (see below) will offer a new "Financial" category to select and filter for just the options listed above.

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