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ScanSeries for iOS Version 2.15.26 Now Available

September 26, 2017 David Spence Jump to Comments
The latest update to ScanSeries for iOS is now available on the Apple App store. In addition to various improvements and feature updates, the latest release contains several adjustments to counteract changes in Apple's iOS 11 operating system update.

If you do not have auto-update enabled on your iOS device, you can manually install the update to take advantage of these changes:
  • The latest iOS release contained a user interface change that caused the WebConnector download search bar to be hidden behind the header. This ScanSeries update will resolve the issue.
  • Linea-Pro scan tone can be set to On/Off in Settings.
  • Using the Volume buttons on the iOS device, tehnicians can push Volume Up for Remote Scan or Volume Down for Camera Scan.
  • WebConnector Schedule Search is now supported for HVACScan (in beta release).
  • A "Rescue Payload" option has been added to the to Support screen so users can now submit data to Member Services via any file transfer apps enabled on their device (i.e. Google Drive or Dropbox).
  • A 2nd line has been added to show more Location information on the Device List to display more detail.
  • The user interface for "Failed/Other" device has been simplified for easier data entry.
  • A "Critical Deficiency" checkbox option has been added to SprinklerScan for elevating seriousness of certain Failed devices per the NFPA 25 definition. (NOTE: report changes to reflect this are coming soon.)
  • The SafetyScan Maintenance Schedule now provides a list of specific devices due for upcoming service, and you can drill down to see what and when specific devices are due for breakdown/hydro service.
  • Improved user interface on the Sort/Filtering Device List.
In addition, BRForms 2.12.11 has also been released and contains the following changes:
  • Improved Free-Entry UI behavior
  • Added improved support for Inspection Comments
  • Improved app behavior with multiple consecutive Section-Skips
  • Section Skips now cause 'N/A' values on reports to populate if used
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