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Important iOS Updates to ScanSeries and BRForms

August 02, 2017 David Spence Jump to Comments

If you are an iOS user and do not have your Apple device set to auto-update applications, you'll want to make sure you manually initiate the update to take advantage of multiple improvements just released for members. Plus, here's some more information about what you can expect from the latest updates to BRForms for iOS. If you have any questions or concerns about these changes, please contact Member Services.

ScanSeries iOS Version 2.13.64:
  • Improved performance for back-end handling of long-term inspection Archives.
  • New ScanSeries feature: Interactive Floor Plans for mapping device locaitons. This will be activated across all apps in a future update, and requires a DocDrive subscription for file storage in order to take advantage.
  • New beta ScanSeries app: HVACScan allows for the inspection and tracking of applicable HVACR devices. (See the article in this newsletter to join the beta group!)
  • New SafetyScan feature: - Maintenance Schedule displays a list of devices due (or past-due) for Breakdown/Hydro.
  • Added ability for technicians to download, add and delete Inspection Comments during the course of an inspection.
  • Added legacy device scan confirmation sounds (New, Existing, Already Tested). This functionality works on all scan types.
  • New ScanSeries feature: Remote Scan can now be triggered via iOS device volume buttons.
  • Corrected issue that could cause an inspection record to become disassociated with its respective building record, resulting in a “ghost” building being accessible,
  • Improved “Check for Update” function on ScanSeries About/Support screen making it easier to receive future updates.
BRForms iOS Version 2.9.0:
  • BRForms has been rewritten for the newest iOS programming language, Apple Swift 3.0, improving overall performance and security.
  • Enhanced user interface for all menus and form elements, regardless of iOS device generation (iPhone 4S and up).
  • Improved UI experience on Table form elements allows for smoother scrolling and direct row and column interaction.
  • Improved “Check for Update” function on About/Support screen eases receipt of future updates.

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