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How-To Guide: Linking Accounts and Buildings from Separate Service Providers

November 02, 2016 David Spence Jump to Comments

Do you use different BuildingReports Members for your various fire and life safety system inspections and reporting? Or, do you manage numerous building(s) serviced by different providers? If so, there is now a way to consolidate all of your reports under any account login.

First, log into the BuildingReports portal using your credentials for any of one of your accounts. If the same email address is associated with each of your existing accounts, you will see a new frame at the top of the page (shown below) with the heading Link User Accounts. If you have two or more accounts associated with different service members and do not see this box upon logging in, contact your service provider(s) to have your account information updated to match more closely with the account you are trying to link from.

To begin linking accounts to achieve a consolidated view of all your buildings under one account login, click the broken link icon under the Linked column to the far right of the account you would like to link. Be sure to click the user account that you are not currently logged in under, to begin linking the account(s) you would like to consolidate with the account your currently logged in under.
Enter your password in the pop-up screen you see below and click the Link Accounts button.

If you entered the correct password for the account, you will now be able to see the Buildings for both accounts under either account login. Please Note: Linking your accounts does not deactivate any of your original accounts.
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