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BuildingReports® Monthly Product Updates – March 2024

By Joanna Ku | April 8, 2024

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-in-class solutions for fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® always strives to improve its offerings and services. Every month, you can now read about the latest updates developed and implemented by our experts. AccountsManager Fixed various translation-related issues Admin Added new “Updated” date/time column to admin translations UI […]

BuildingReports® Technology Update – March 2024

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-performing solutions to fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® is always looking to improve its offerings and services. Below, you can read about some of the latest updates our experts have developed and implemented. Continued Support for Major Manufacturers of Fire Extinguishers As more fire extinguisher manufacturers incorporate […]
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BuildingReports® Technology Update – December 2023

In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best-performing solutions to fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports is always looking to improve its offerings and services. Below, you can read about some of the latest updates our experts have developed and implemented. Additional Columns Users may have noticed the Get Reports page now has additional optional […]
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BuildingReports® Technology Update – September 2023

What’s New With BuildingReports® In our continuous effort to provide the industry’s best performing solutions for fire safety and prevention, BuildingReports® is always looking to improve on its offerings and services. Read about some of the latest updates our experts developed below. ScanSeries® Inspection Format Recently, our development team updated the new 2023 ScanSeries® formatted […]
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Previous Posts

BuildingReports releases ScanSeries version 1.1.17 for Android

By Joanna Ku | October 21, 2015

The latest release of ScanSeries for Android includes several improvements and fixes and is available immediately. Version 1.1.17 update includes the following changes: Added redesigned Date Picker feature for better user experience. Added better compatibility for various screen sizes to decrease user interface issues on unsupported devices. Improved barcode scanning experience on the supported Janam […]

New ScanSeries Feature for iOS and Android: Device Discrepancy Report Images

By Joanna Ku | August 19, 2015

Available now, ScanSeries iOS version 2.3.41 and ScanSeries for Android version 1.0.99 can be downloaded in their respective app stores. Read the full article for important information about each new release. New feature for ScanSeries for iOS and Android Users Discrepancy Photos Added: New feature allows Image/DocDrive support for adding photos of Discrepancies to Failed […]

New Account Manager Role Improves Field Service, Increases Security

By Joanna Ku | August 12, 2015

BuildingReports is pleased to introduce an addition to the Administrator, Manager, Manager/Inspector, Inspector and Custom User role types: Account Manager. The addition of this new feature is in response to requests from our valued Service Members, and is another example of why your feedback is so valuable. The Account Manager role is a new user […]

VSR Magazine examines how technology is “Fixing Field Service”

By Joanna Ku | June 16, 2015

A June 15th article by Julie Ritzer Ross in VSR Magazine took an interesting look at several technologies (including BuildingReports and our hardware partners at Janam) that helping companies overcome obstacles and deliver better field service. the author writes, “Long mired in paper, pens, and clipboards, field service organizations are fast gravitating towards technology for […]

Is your sales team effectively selling services, or just selling the company short?

By Joanna Ku | April 9, 2015

“A business absolutely devoted to service will have only one worry about profits. They will be embarrassingly large.” – Henry Ford Selling a product is a far different prospect than selling a service. Generally, buyers will know the fundamentals of what your product is, how it works and maybe even why they need it. Services […]

BuildingReports Partners with Janam for Custom XM5 Camera-less Scanning Device

By Joanna Ku | March 17, 2015

BuildingReports has partnered with Janam to offer a new custom device, built specifically for the inspection of high-security and restricted areas where devices with cameras are prohibited. The Janam XM5 provides the same benefits as other ruggedized devices from Janam, but the new custom device allows us to provide an alternative for those Service Members […]

Fire Sprinkler Inspection Training – Building Reports

By Joanna Ku | February 3, 2015

Inspector’s Boot Camp, a leading training resource for the Fire and Life Safety industry, is proud to announce its partnership with Liberty Mutual to present a week-long, in-depth automatic Automatic Fire Sprinkler Inspection Boot Camp. The event is currently scheduled for June 1-5, 2015 at Liberty Mutual’s state-of-the-art fire labs in Wausau, Wisconsin. This event […]

Fire & Safety Inspection Software Update

By Joanna Ku | January 30, 2015

ScanSeries 2.1 for iOS is now available for download from the Apple App Store. In addition to updates and modifications based on your feedback, this release also includes several enhancements to improve the user experience and add important functionality to the leading mobile fire and life safety inspection application. BuildingReports’ ScanSeries users are encouraged to […]

Why Fire Code Inspections Fail

By Joanna Ku | January 12, 2015

As a Facility Manager or Building Owner, you have to make sure your up to code keeping all of your tenants safe. But being up to code means more than just fixing a few electrical issues. There are hundreds (if not thousands) of ways to fail your building’s fire inspection. That’s why we’ve pulled together […]

Selecting a Service Provider

By Joanna Ku | October 31, 2014

According to a recent study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers (The ever-changing global service provider industry: Key findings for 2010), businesses ranked the following strategic differentiators as their top ten considerations when selecting a service company: Skills & training of workforce Depth of industry knowledge Quality of customer service Depth of process knowledge Low cost of service […]

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