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INFOGRAPHIC: The Real Cost of False Alarms & How to Prevent Them

July 25, 2016 David Spence Jump to Comments

A recent study by the NFPA uncovered some eye-opening statistics. In 2012, fire departments in the United States reported responding to over 2,238,000 false alarms. The majority, 46.6%, were unintentional calls, while 31.9% were attributed to system malfunctions. This represents a serious strain on emergency responders who not only risk their own safety trying to respond quickly, but it could also divert them from real emergencies.

And then there's the cost. Not only in terms of the fines levied and the expenses incurred by local police and fire departments in responding to false alarms, but lost productivity and sales are also very real concerns for tenants.

So what are these costs from a dollars and cents perspective, and how can facility management and building owners reduce the chances of incurring them? The infographic below was compiled from various studies and official reports and includes 11 ways that those responsible for fire alarm and security systems can reduce the odds of of a false alarm.

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