The most trusted name in compliance reporting

Building Owners/Property Managers

Accessible building inspection reporting

Through accurate, verifiable and easily accessible building inspection reporting, BuildingReports can help building owners and property managers ensure that the fire and life safety systems installed at their location are working and in compliance with local regulatory standards. BuildingReports’ comprehensive building inspection reporting solutions verify that inspectors have completed their inspections thoroughly and accurately.

Powerful facilities management

ComplianceAssistant from BuildingReports is ideal for consolidating compliance inspection, preventative maintenance, and service reporting from contractors, providing on-demand, organization-wide access to the status of critical facility assets across multiple properties. Service providers and contractors can utilize the system at no charge to streamline report delivery and provide a one-stop resource for all critical system and compliance reporting. Learn More

Intelligent system analysis

BuildingReports’ intelligent reporting system not only provides comprehensive data on every device inspected, it also provides other features to help you get an accurate picture of all your fire and life safety systems in your property. You can easily find failed devices, the reason they failed, proposed solutions, pricing, and even codes and standards that address the device failures.

Online access to building compliance history

Forget filing cabinets and searching for old building inspection reports. All the property inspection reports are stored online and accessible 24/7. All compliance data is stored on our secure web-servers, backed up daily and archived off-site. For security purposes, all compliance data for your property is encrypted and only accessible by you and your service company.

Single-source of multi-location qualified inspectors

Whether responsible for a single facility or multiple buildings across a campus, region or the entire country, BuildingReports is the best, most trusted building inspection reporting solution available. With hundreds of the top service companies in the BuildingReports network, all using a common, comprehensive, accurate and verifiable property inspection system, BuildingReports can help you find the right organization to meet your safety inspection needs, regardless of location, size or complexity of facilities involved.