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SprinklerScan® Fire Sprinkler Inspection Software

BuildingReports is committed to providing the most trusted fire, life safety and security inspection and compliance reporting solutions in the world.

With ScanSeries®, a suite of industry-leading applications for device-specific inspection of fire, life safety and security systems, BuildingReports offers reporting solutions for each inspection category, including sprinkler system inspection.

SprinklerScan® enables inspectors to easily test and inspect sprinkler systems and water-based fire protection systems in any environment. The sprinkler inspection software solution also permits inspectors to create graphs to document pump flow measurements.

SprinklerScan Devices: Alarm Valve, Air Compressor, Air Maintenance Device, Antifreeze System, Back Flow Prevention, Batteries, Check Valve, Controller, Control Valve, Deluge Valve, Dry Pipe Valve, Drain, Diesel Driver, Dry Sprinkler, Electrical Driver, Excess Pressure Pump, Extended Coverage, Fire Department Connection, Fire Hydrant, Fire Pump Off, Fire Pump Phase Reversal, Fire Pump Power, Fire Pump Running, Fire Pump Trouble, Fire Pump Gauge, Fire Hose, Gauge, Gear Controlled Nozzle, Generators, Hose Connection, Hose Nozzle, Hose Storage, Heating System, Hydraulic Driver, Inspector’s Test, Isolation Valve, Jockey Controller, Jockey Pump, Level Alarm, Monitor Nozzle, Natural Gas Driver, Piping,

Pressure Switch, Pressure Regulating Valve, Post Indicator Valve, Preaction Valve, Proportioner, Pump, Quick Opening Device, Residential Sprinkler, Spray Nozzle, Sprinkler Nozzle, Special Sprinkler, Sprinkler Box, Sprinkler Box Spares, Standard Nozzle, Standard Response, Steam Driver, Storage Sprinkler, Tamper Switch, Temperature Alarm, Water Flow Switch, Water Motor Gong, Water Storage Tank, Wrenches

SprinklerScan fire sprinkler inspection software through ScanSeries is available on iOS®, Android, Windows Mobile® and PalmOS® (applications can be downloaded to the corresponding mobile device at no charge, but an active account is required for actual use).