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Service staff and operations scheduling

Proper scheduling and dispatching field staff is critical to ensuring the working order and compliance of a building’s fire and safety devices. However, manual scheduling and dispatching can be cumbersome when managing staff across multiple facilities. BuildingReports has created a convenient online system that makes managing field staff easier and more accurate.


ManagerSeries® allows users to conveniently schedule, dispatch and track inspections and service work while managing workflow through efficient calendar interfaces. Users can quickly view scheduled events by the month, week or day. ManagerSeries® also provides a listing of detailed inspection events for future years.

Account Manager

  • Oversee an account or group of accounts through a secure online portal
  • View and manage building access at the account or individual level
  • Create a building inspection schedule
  • Manage all company buildings and building owners with unique interface

Notification Manager

  • Monitor company inspection activity with automatic email and SMS notifications
  • Notify customers when new inspection reports are available
  • Alert sales or staff to report discrepancies
  • Create customized email or SMS alerts for various types of work activities

Scheduling Manager

  • Manage inspection schedules for unlimited field staff
  • Communicate and confirm upcoming inspections automatically via email
  • Track inspection schedules in the field
  • Monitor inspector hours for better resource management

Service Manager

  • Communicate and confirm service appointments automatically via email
  • Create service tickets
  • Track service pricing and tech hours
  • Manage service events in the field