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The world’s most advanced, most comprehensive web-based hub for fire and life safety compliance reporting. And best of all, it's free.

Since 1999, BuildingReports® has led the way with innovative technology and solutions helping hundreds of thousands of facilities reduce liability and improve compliance. With ComplianceCenter®, we are taking the next leap forward by providing a centralized, web-based hub to help building owners and managers, service companies and Authorities Having Jurisdiction (AHJs).


  • Free public service for the industry
  • Available online, 24/7
  • Simple, easy to use interface
  • Increase compliance visibility while reducing liability
  • Improve collaboration within a jurisdiction
  • One-stop-shop for inspection reporting, scheduling and notifications
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Eliminate manual processes and piles of paper

Authorities Having Jurisdiction

It’s no secret that AHJs have a critically important role in ensuring public safety, and that the role is a challenging one with limited resources and budgets. That’s why we’ve created ComplianceCenter, the free online compliance service available 24/7, to provide greater visibility and collaborative tools to help keep your jurisdiction safe.

AHJ’s have access to tools like Discrepancy Reporting, Scheduling Reporting, Notice or Citation Reporting, and more. The easy-to-use interface includes features for filtering and sorting by items such as inspection date or type, facility or occupancy type, overdue inspections, days since last inspection, notice or citation issue dates, etc. All forms of correspondence such as Notifications and Citations can originate and be tracked within ComplianceCenter utilizing stock or custom created email and document templates.

Fire & Life Safety Service Providers

ComplianceCenter provides valuable tools to help Service Companies collaborate and communicate more effectively with facility customers and AHJs. Existing BuildingReports ScanSeries & CRM Service Members will enjoy seamless integration with ComplianceCenter via their current services and solutions.

Service companies not leveraging the BuildingReports suite of mobile inspection and web-based reporting solutions also have the ability to upload and share reports, and communicate/coordinate with AHJs and Facilities, all at no cost.

Building Owners & Facility Managers

Those responsible for managing the compliance of commercial properties are consistently seeking to reduce liability and ensure the safety of occupants. Through ComplianceCenter’s online inspection and compliance community, building owners and facility managers will also have increased overview of their compliance status, inspection schedules and if required coordinate more closely with fire and safety officials, also for free. Leveraging a centralized resource with consistent visibility for all stakeholders helps close the loop on risk mitigation.

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