The most trusted name in compliance reporting

Inspection management and verification

BuildingReports eliminates outdated, cumbersome paper reports through mobile inspection tools. This inspection information is accurate and made available online whenever and wherever it’s needed. We eliminate the need to wait for days or sometimes weeks to review inspection reports, allowing users to quickly initiate needed repairs to critical safety equipment. With BuildingReports, cost and risk are reduced, replaced by trusted and verified online inspection reports.

Convenient real-time information access

Through a customized web portal, BuildingReports gives companies controlled access to inspection reports. Through this secure portal, users can quickly look at inspection reports and immediately see the status of device inspections through color-coded tags. This enables companies to intervene sooner, if needed, to ensure there is no lag time in safeguarding a building.

Eliminate inspection complexity

With hundreds of different safety devices and systems on the market and widely varying local building and fire codes, proper fire and safety inspection has become a complex, time-consuming task. With BuildingReports’ unmatched, growing database of safety devices and code requirements, we offer inspection solutions for each inspection category, including OSHA, NFPA, federal and other standards organizations, that make building safety inspections easier and more accurate – which leads to greater compliance and lower cost.

On-demand device history with ScanHistory™

ScanHistory is a feature within the ScanSeries application that allows an authorized user to access a complete inspection and service history of that device simply by scanning the barcode. Quickly gain access to important information, such as installation date, warranty and recall information, or the proper location for devices that have been moved or misplaced.

This convenient tool is another value-added benefit for facility management professionals and AHJs, including healthcare auditors who routinely need access to device history. Rather than digging through multiple reports to gather historical device information, ScanHistory provides a complete story of the device activity over time.

Easy, efficient report history logbook access with LiveArchive®

A building’s system history logbook is critical for keeping a record of all maintenance completed on the multitude of building systems and safety devices. With the LiveArchive, BuildingReports offers a convenient and efficient way to access building inspection reports.

LiveArchive is a sticker with a unique QR code that is placed near or in a building’s control panel, as well as in other areas such as utility rooms or wherever your fire and life safety equipment is stored. LiveArchive QR codes can be placed in multiple locations within a facility providing users with a variety of access points to compliance documentation, creating redundancy in the event that equipment with a QR code is moved or replaced.

Building owners and facility management interested in this service can contact their BuildingReports Service Member. Service Members interested in adding LiveArchive to their portfolio of BuildingReports solutions should contact Member Services.