Access to Building Inspection Histrory

New service gives users instant access to building inspection reports and historical data

ATLANTA – May 20, 2014 – BuildingReports, the most trusted name in compliance reporting, has launched LiveArchiveTM, a service that provides inspectors, building owners and managers as well as fire officials immediate electronic access to a building’s compliance documentation and other historical data from any smartphone.

Through a unique Quick Response Code, or QR Code, LiveArchive provides secure access to critical reports and historical compliance data on fire, life safety, security and other critical systems.

“Historically, logbooks were compiled of handwritten entries that couldn’t be verified for accuracy and were stored in an electrical box, which in itself poses a fire hazard,” said Jason Kronz, president and chief technology officer for BuildingReports. “While the data is critical, it was difficult to access and confirm that what you were reading was up to date and accurate. LiveArchive solves these problems by giving direct access to the information AHJs, inspectors and building managers need to ensure property and life safety.”

The LiveArchive label can be placed in multiple locations within a facility, to create redundancy if equipment with a QR Code is moved or replaced. By maintaining this critical data in a secure off-site location, the risks of misfiled or inaccessible information are eliminated.

With LiveArchive, authorized users can be onsite at a property and not need anything but their mobile device to access completed reports. Once the QR code has been read, the LiveArchive opens to all available compliance documentation for that facility; the user simply selects the desired report for immediate viewing or sharing.

LiveArchive labels with a building’s unique QR Code are provided exclusively by BuildingReports or a BuildingReports Service Member. For more information about BuildingReports solutions, visit

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