Apple iOS Building Inspection Software

BuildingReports is pleased to announce the successful conclusion of field beta testing on the Linea Pro 5 scanning sled. Following the 2013 launch of ScanSeries™ for iOS and the immediate availability of the Linea Pro 5, BuildingReports members now have an extensive range of Apple iOS options for field inspections including iPhone 4, 4S, 5, 5S and 5th generation iPod Touch.

The following Linea Pro sleds and kits are immediately available via the online catalog or through emailing

Linea Pro 4 for iPhone 4 and 4S – Bring Your Own Device (iPhone not included)
Linea Pro 5 for iPhone 5 and 5S – Bring Your Own Device (iPhone not included)
Linea Pro 5 Turn-Key Wi-Fi Kit – includes Linea Pro 5 case and 32GB 5th Generation iPod Touch

While ScanSeries™ iOS will load on any iPhone or iPod Touch, in order to overcome limited battery life and slow camera scanning capabilities while inspecting, BuildingReports only supports using your mobile device in conjunction with a ruggedized Linea Pro scanning sled (similar to a phone cover) with built-in laser barcode scanner, mag stripe reader and auxiliary long-life battery.

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