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Hear From Our Members - The BuildingReports Impact

BuildingReports has the largest service member network in the country. Learn how and why these four companies use BuildingReports to increase customer satisfaction, improve inspection accuracy and efficiency, and ultimately grow their businesses.


Video Transcript

As far as internally it makes my technicians jobs much easier. They’re not missing. I’m not getting service calls that your technician missed a fire extinguisher or a service wasn’t done. I know immediately if someone missed a fire extinguisher. They know immediately if they forgot anything and correct it before the customer ever finds out, before they leave the location. So no more returned trips or service calls where we look like we aren’t doing a professional job.

It’s a win-win. It’s certainly adds a value of professionalism and shows that, you know, our company stands above the rest. And there is no apple to apple comparison, there are only oranges for the rest of the companies and we are the apples over A plus.

It has really changed the way that we do inspections and has helped with our efficiencies and tracking and I guess the performance of our inspectors.

The greatest impact is when I show it to a customer for the first time, and they are at their desk and they see their building that we have done for them. He says I don’t even want to talk to anyone else, I want those guys and that was terrific. You can’t ask for anything more.

Now people know every device was visited and every device was tested because of the time stamp with BuildingReports. Where before, on a paper copy, the guy could have filled out the inspection sitting in the truck and never went in the building. So it really made a difference that way, for the customer.

We get a lot of our business word of mouth and we have a very high quality level that we try to maintain at all times. This is just another arrow in the quiver and when we show the reports to the customers at their desk, on their computer what we are doing it just reinforces what we are doing. They know that it’s getting done and it’s getting done right.

For the customer, the end result is great. They get reports immediately, they are very concise, detailed reports, it gives them projections for budgeting and also helps them in inventorying their products and know where their fire extinguishers are, emergency lights or any other safety products.

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