Fire Inspection Software Update

BuildingReports today announced the release of ScanSeries™ version 1.7 for iOS.

The latest version of the popular fire and life safety inspection application includes several enhancements:

  • iOS 8 Compatibility: For Apple iPhone and iPod Touch devices, the update provides compatibility for iOS 8. Once the update is downloaded, users can install the latest version of the Apple operating system at their discretion.
  • Service Summary View: The same useful “Service Summary” section found on inspection reports is now available to inspectors using SafetyScan ; the new view provides a quick overview of the device types and services performed of devices that have been inspected so far.

  • Battery Management: Improved battery management features allow users to have greater control over how their iOS device charges from their scanning sled and when.
  • Control Panel Conflicts: Version 1.7 now includes Control Panel management for handling scenarios where Control Panel numbering conflicts can occur when merging two or more inspections together.
  • Sort by Address: FireScan and SuppressionScan users now have the ability to sort by device address to help quickly locate specific groups of devices.
  • Legacy Device Support: Improved secure-connection compatibility for specific older iOS devices.
  • Inspection Notes: Allows inspectors starting a new/routine inspection to carry over device and/or inspection notes from the previous inspection.

If you have questions or concerns about this release, please contact BuildingReports Member Services via email at or 1-770-495-1993.



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