The most trusted name in compliance reporting

Service Companies

BuildingReports’ easy to use scan and reporting tools, combined with an online database of safety equipment and national and local safety regulations, takes the pain out of manual paper inspection reporting for service companies.

Using a simple, point-and-scan process, inspectors can easily scan safety equipment, complete a building system inspection in less time than paper-based inspection and in real-time deliver an online, comprehensive inspection report to the building owner that can be securely accessed at any point.

Build credibility

Above all, building owners need assurance that safety inspections are completed timely, accurately and completely. Using BuildingReports’ Third Party Verification process ensures that your reports are certified accurate and that your clients can place their trust in your organization as inspection professionals.

In addition, Service Members have the option to participate in the BuildingReports TrueCompliance program. By enabling service companies to list their licenses, certifications, insurances, distributor relationships along with their employee’s details, building owners and fire and safety officials can rest assured that the service companies they do business with conduct thorough and fully compliant inspections.

Generate client loyalty

Through BuildingReports’ web services solution, you create a secure, easily accessed and branded portal for your clients to access their inspection report history. By bringing clients to your site repeatedly, it builds stronger awareness for the services you perform and offers opportunity for you to promote the additional support you can provide.

Access to nationwide opportunities

Organizations with large and geographically disbursed building assets often look for a single inspection source to manage safety compliance across its multiple locations.With hundreds of leading service companies part of the nationwide BuildingReports network, we are increasingly called on to offer this service to building owners. By partnering with BuildingReports you gain access to these opportunities in your region without the time and expense of maintaining your own partnerships with other local inspection organizations.

Gain visibility and generate new business

As a BuildingReports Service Member, your organization will benefit from the significant investment BuildingReports makes in advertising, event sponsorships, marketing events, and much more. And because BuildingReports relies on the Service Member Network to manage and service facility and national accounts, most of those opportunities are directed to members in the region at no cost. Building managers and facility owners also look to BuildingReports' Service Company Locator to find and hire organizations like yours.