The most trusted name in compliance reporting

Proven online solutions

BuildingReports’ intelligent reporting system is a proven solution that provides accurate, comprehensive data and statistical analysis on every device inspected. No other company has the depth of BuildingReports’ quality member network, volume of inspected devices or the number of buildings represented.

BuildingReports has earned its reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting through industry milestones such as:

  • 300+ million devices inspected with our technology
  • Over 900,000 buildings represented
  • More than 900 inspection companies make up our highly qualified network
  • Over 6 million inspections to date and counting
  • 14+ billion square feet of facility floor space protected

Verifiable inspection reporting

BuildingReports' decades of combined inspection experience and proven processes delivers intelligent inspection compliance designed by industry experts. The result is accurate, verifiable inspection results you can trust. Inspection results are audited online and reviewed for certification. Instantly-retrievable documentation from a detailed database of every time-stamped, bar-coded inspection means you have up-to-date, verifiable documentation on demand. Authentication is guaranteed with regular independent audits, both online and onsite.

Powerful facilities management

ComplianceAssistant from BuildingReports is ideal for consolidating compliance inspection, preventative maintenance, and service reporting from contractors, providing on-demand, organization-wide access to the status of critical facility assets across multiple properties. Benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Allows all service providers and contractors to submit reporting and documentation electronically at no additional charge
  • Consolidates all mechanical and safety systems reporting, such as Fire Alarm, HVAC & Refrigeration, Life Safety, Fire Sprinkler, Suppression, and Security Systems
  • Provides a central repository of reports, compliance status and service schedules for every facility
  • Grants 24/7 access to stakeholders across the organization, regardless of physical location
  • Delivers access to complete building, system and device history in a few clicks or by mobile device scan
  • Offers the visibility and intelligence needed to improve decision making and budgeting

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