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ComplianceCenter™ - Frequently Asked Questions

What is ComplianceCenter?

ComplianceCenter is a free online compliance service that allows Authorities Having Jurisdiction (typically Fire Marshals), Facility Management/Building Owners and Third-Party Service Companies that provide fire and life safety inspection services to share reports and facilitate communication. AHJ’s have access to tools like Discrepancy Reporting, Scheduling Reporting, Notice or Citation Reporting, and more. The easy-to-use interface includes features for filtering and sorting by items such as inspection date or type, facility or occupancy type, overdue inspections, days since last inspection, notice or citation issue dates, and more. All forms of correspondence such as Notifications and Citations can originate and be tracked within ComplianceCenter utilizing stock or custom created email and document templates.

Why does BuildingReports provide the ComplianceCenter service?

There are several reasons we built ComplianceCenter, but first and foremost it supports our mission to help industry professionals protect people and property. ComplianceCenter is our way of giving back to the industry that has been so instrumental in our success, as well as help Jurisdictions, Service Companies and Building Owners/Facility Managers avoid the additional costs from other pay-to-file solutions being implemented in the marketplace today.

Is ComplianceCenter really a "free" service, or are there hidden costs and charges?

ComplianceCenter is absolutely, 100% free. No credit card is required to establish an account, and users will not be billed for using the service. And the solution is free for everyone regardless of whether or not you are currently using BuildingReports other solutions. While there are special add-ons and enhancements that jurisdictions can opt to add for a cost (such as direct mail services for USPS citations and notifications or fine collection services for AHJs), there is no cost for using ComplianceCenter itself.

How can BuildingReports, a for-profit company, afford to provide this service for free?

BuildingReports' derives its revenue from our mobile inspection and web-based services and is the leader in the industry. The same platform we developed for adding web-based compliance reporting and scheduling was leveraged for ComplianceCenter, allowing us to cost-effectively develop the new interface without the need for revenue to develop or sustain it.

Does use of ComplianceCenter for report submission meet code requirements?

Yes - all primary Fire and Life Safety Codes now allow for electronic inspection reporting submittals:

  • NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers
  • NFPA 12A – Standard for Halon Systems
  • NFPA 25 – Standard for the Inspection, Testing, and Maintenance of Water-Based Fire Protection Systems
  • NFPA 72 – National Fire Alarm and Signaling Code
  • NFPA 80 – Standard for Fire Doors
  • NFPA 731 – Standard for Security Systems
  • NFPA 2001 – Standard for Clean Agent Systems
  • International Fire Code (established by the International Code Council)
  • Occupancy Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)
  • Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) accredited agencies:
    • The Joint Commission (TJC)
    • Det Norske Veritas Healthcare (DNV Healthcare)
    • Healthcare Facilities Accreditation Program (HFAP)
    • Center for Improvement in Healthcare Quality (CIHQ)

How are other jurisdictions implementing ComplianceCenter?

Typically jurisdictions begin by passing a local ordinance, citing the cost savings and improvements to fire prevention efforts as benefits for businesses and service companies within their designated state, county or city. They also rely on references to the existing fire codes that state or local jurisdictions have adopted, such as the International Code Council's International Fire Code or the National Fire Protection Association. Once the ordinance passes and an effective date is set, the fire marshal or primary code enforcement official will mail notices to service companies and businesses informing them of the change and how to register for a free account. Click here to learn more about passing a local ordinance.

Who will be able to see my inspection reports?

For service companies and businesses using ComplianceCenter, you will only be able to see the reports that you upload to the portal. Only the Authority Having Jurisdiction has access to all of the reports that have been submitted for their review.

Is ComplianceCenter secure?

BuildingReports partners with two leading, geographically diverse data centers for redundancy, meaning that if one experiences technical issues or a natural disaster that we can continue to provide continuous 24/7/365 service. Our partners also employ active threat monitoring and the best in physical and cyber security, including:

  • Data encryption, policy enforcement and security intelligence
  • Best-in-breed network infrastructure
  • Strict security policies, cutting-edge technology and premium support
  • 500-foot property set-back from security perimeter
  • Secure fencing
  • Guard gatehouses at every access point
  • Visitor screening and ID check
  • 24/7/365 roving guard patrols
  • Active video monitoring of critical interior and exterior areas
  • Card key access to a single site entrance
  • Electronic badge with fingerprint and iris scans
  • Man-trap entrances to all raised floor spaces

To help ensure the security of your data, BuildingReports and its employees are prohibited from discussing the details of the information security measures in place and the location of our data centers as that information could be used by those with malicious intent.

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