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SafetyScan® replaces ExtinguisherScan® in renamed mobile inspections app

BuildingReports today announced the ExtinguisherScan® inspection application has been renamed SafetyScan®. While the application continues to provide for NFPA 10 inspections of Fire Extinguishers, feedback from the BuildingReports Membership Network indicated a name change would assist facilities comprehend the expanded capabilities of the solution.

"When we released ExtinguisherScan in 2001 most of the devices within the application were primarily based around Fire Extinguishers and their peripheral equipment" explained Jason Kronz, President and Chief Technology Officer. “12 years later the application has expanded greatly to include more safety devices such as Defibrillators, Breathing Apparatus, First Aid equipment, Exit and Emergency Lights, Fire Doors, etc. and the name of the application needed to reflect it’s current role in the marketplace”.

SafetyScan® is part of the ScanSeries™ suite of inspection applications and is immediately available for Palm OS and Windows Mobile scanning PDA’s from the download section of the BuildingReports website. Additionally all ScanSeries™ applications including SafetyScan® will be available for specific Apple iOS devices in the coming weeks with users able to download directly from the App Store. All corresponding web-based reports and online report sections now also reflect the new name.