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NFPA Conference & Expo - BuildingReports announces future iOS devices

NFPA Conference & Expo - Chicago, IL: BuildingReports announced that after extensive testing of new generation Android™ and iOS rugged scanning mobile options, that the Linea Pro with iPod Touch or iPhone was the most suitable hardware solution for its networks demanding mobile requirements.

“Users of our ScanSeries apps work on their energy-hungry mobile devices constantly throughout their work-day scanning barcodes and entering inspection results and device data in a myriad of environments, from office buildings to hospitals to industrial plants to oil rigs and mines” explains Jason Kronz, President and Chief Technology Officer of BuildingReports. “We’ve been wanting to expand the mobile hardware options for our ScanSeries users however until now there hasn’t been a new generation rugged barcode scanning device to compete against the proven Palm OS and Windows Mobile devices when it comes to meeting our four cornerstone requirements, durability, battery life, usability and cost.”

The Linea Pro case and barcode scanner provides some protection to an iPhone or iPod Touch, however to make it truly durable BuildingReports will be recommending the optional Rugged outer case that fits snugly over the Linea Pro while keeping the unit small enough to fit into a regular pants pocket. Additionally the Linea Pro has its own battery for the barcode scanner that also provides auxiliary power to the iPhone or iPod Touch for long inspection days. Multiple factors are considered in regards to the Usability of a device such as form factor, ease-of-use, connectivity, etc. all of which the combined iOS Linea Pro device fully caters for and at an anticipated low price point in comparison to previously recommended mobile rugged scanning devices or kits.

Several companies have been selected from BuildingReports' worldwide network of Service Members to beta test the Linea Pro/iPod Touch units and new ScanSeries iOS apps. The beta testing period is expected to last several months after which BuildingReports will offer turn-key kits including iPod Touch, Linea Pro barcoding case, Rugged outer case and pre-loaded BuildingReports mobile inspection apps through their online catalog.