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Real-Time U.S. Inspection Report Tracker

As the leader in online inspection and compliance reporting, BuildingReports provides detailed device-level compliance reporting for fire, life safety and security inspections 24/7. BuildingReports delivers inspection data in real-time so that authorities and building management have the compliance information they need, when they need it.


Inspections Performed Using BuildingReports

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

BuildingReports is proud to announce that we have reached the four millionth fire and life safety inspection report milestone! It seems like only yesterday that we reached the two million milestone in September 2014.

I wanted to take this opportunity to recognize our valued members for their loyalty and dedication to helping protect people and property. If your facility management team is not already partnered with one of these amazing service providers, you can find one in your area by clicking here.

When BuildingReports launched in 2000, we saw an opportunity to introduce mobile technology and internet-based solutions to increase inspection efficiency and reduce liability with verifiable compliance reporting. Today, we’re proud to support over 900 independent service companies and more than 630,000 buildings with more than 280 million devices inspected to date. This represents reporting for over 10 billion square feet of commercial and industrial floor space.

Rest assured that BuildingReports remains dedicated to revolutionizing the fire and life safety compliance industry, and that we are as committed as ever to maintaining our reputation as the most trusted name in compliance reporting.

Best Wishes,

Jason Kronz
President & Chief Technology Officer